Sparrow Pilot Customers Activate E-readers for Students in Kenya

Sparrow Pilot Customers Activate E-readers for Students in Kenya

Mobile for All: Worldreader Classroom Kit Delivered!

On September 1, 2014, students from the Oltikampu School, located in rural Kenya, were greeted with Kindle e-readers—one for each student. Loaded with thousands of digital books and delivered by Mobile for All giving partner, Worldreader, the classroom kit was made possible by our fabulous pilot customers.

For these kids, having an e-reader to bring home has a huge impact on their ability to succeed in school. Many of the Oltikampu students often get a late start in school because of long distances and mountainous terrain. Because of the late start, often these students are embarrassed for being older and behind other students, which can make them more likely to drop out. Other challenges to schooling are the pressures for girls to drop out for marriage and for boys to help with agricultural labor at home.

Bridging the Digital Divide & Closing the Gender Gap

Through the classroom kits, based on benchmarks set and closely tracked by Worldreader, literacy rates improve across the board, with an even greater increase in literacy for girls. Girls frequently miss more school due to domestic duties like caring for younger siblings and household chores. In addition, we all know that boys and girls tend to learn differently. Through this program, girls and boys can learn at their own pace and in their own way, and everyone benefits.

Program at a Glance

Giving Partner Worldreader
Mission End illiteracy worldwide
Donation Location Oltikampu School, Kenya
Program E-reader Classroom Kits
Total # of devices 50 E-readers. One per child
E-reader usage E-readers are taken home overnight and on weekends
Total # of people impacted 50 students + family and community members. According to Worldreader, on average, 2-3 additional siblings or other family members benefit from each e-reader, after school hours (100 – 150 people)
Initial # of e-books provided 5,000 in the initial deployment plus additional books pushed quarterly

Why Literacy?

Education is the best tool we have for tackling poverty. And literacy is the window to education—unlocking the door to a lifetime of learning. The good news is that literacy rates around the world continue to rise (Source: UNESCO International Literacy Data 2013) and young women, ages 15-24, are making the most gains.

Even so, women’s literacy still lags behind men. According to CARE, nearly two thirds of the world’s illiterate adults are women. Check out these sobering stats from CARE’s #StealTheseStats—for example, a child born to a literate mother is 50% more likely to survive past the age of 5 years, and children with educated mothers are twice as likely to go to school. Also, reading is fun and paves the way for ideas, inspiration and knowledge to spread. Who hasn’t read at least one really great book?

Literacy is transformative on SO many levels.

CARE #StealTheseStats   CARE #StealTheseStats   CARE #StealTheseStats

Mobile with a Mission

We’re delighted to support this impactful program. Thanks to our incredible pilot customers, all students at Oltikampu now have an e-reader filled with life-changing e-books to help them grow, learn and succeed in life.



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