“Together, we are creating a more inclusive world, one smartphone and one person at a time.”

Sparrow is a U.S. wireless company with a mission to end digital poverty and create a more inclusive world.

Imagine navigating today’s world without a smartphone or internet. With nearly 25 million Americans experiencing digital poverty, for many, one of the first rungs of the ladder — digital access — is missing. With the growing income divide, technology accelerates the gap by leaving those who are disadvantaged even further behind. Sparrow addresses this inequity using smartphones, data access, and collective effort.

For every Sparrow subscriber, a smartphone or service plan is donated to someone in need via nonprofit partners and programs. Together we are creating a more inclusive world, one smartphone and one person at a time.

With more mobile subscriptions in the U.S. than people, we are leveraging the massive mobile industry for positive change.

 U.S. Mobile Subscriptions

430 million

25 million

U.S. People in Digital Poverty

“With smartphone technology, we have been able to overcome the enormous barriers to delivering mental health care to homeless youth. Smartphones have allowed us to reach youth where they are at and offer care on demand. By giving these youth new tools and information, we believe we have the potential to help set them on a positive course towards a more stable future.”

Dr. Alyson K. Zalta

Assistant Professor, Behavioral Sciences and Psychiatry; Research Director, Road Home Program for Veterans and their Families, Rush University


Sparrow Impact Area - Women


Sparrow Impact Area - Youth


Sparrow Impact Area - Refugees




Mobile for All

Fighting Homelessness at Home

Wonder if mobile access really makes a difference? Having a mobile phone makes a big difference for finding a job and getting a home. Sparrow is connecting unhoused people in the Bay Area and Chicago, in partnership with Downtown Streets Team, Rubicon Programs, Rush University and others.

Black Girls CODE


Meet the Geniuses of Tomorrow

Black Girls Code empowers girls of color to become tomorrow’s innovative leaders through computer science and heightened self-esteem. Smartphones donated by Sparrow are used in mobile app workshops across the country.



Welcoming Families to Their New Home

Together, we’re improving refugee resettlement with big plans, big data, mobile phones and a dash of hope. Backed in part by a MacArthur grant and in partnership with Lutheran Immigration & Refugee Services and Refugee Services of Texas.

Download our Annual Impact Report

Sparrow Annual Impact Report 2017-18

“The internet has become an essential element of everyday life for most Americans. However, access to broadband is correlated with socioeconomic status and for many low-income adults, their smartphone is their only portal to the web.”

Dr. William Evans

Department Chair/ Keough-Hesburgh Professor of Economics, Wilson Sheehan Lab for Economic Opportunities, University of Notre Dame


77% of Americans today own a smartphone, but 36% of those earning less than $30,000 still do not*


There are over 430m mobile lines in service today in the U.S. but over 25m people are in digital poverty*


In the U.S., 98% of college graduates use the internet regularly, while just 68% of people with less than a high school degree do**


With more mobile subscriptions than people in the U.S., if less than 1% switch to Sparrow,

together, we can eradicate digital poverty in the U.S.



Source: * Pew Research; ** National Association of Colleges and Employers

“The phone has meant so much to me. I was able to get pictures of my dad before he passed away. I was able to get pictures and I have them in my phone and I’m very grateful.”

Impact Beneficiary

Formerly Homeless, Rubicon Programs



Donated Devices

Impact Service


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