Hello, Sparrow!

Sparrow Mobile IconWe are delighted to announce the hatch of Sparrow

Until now, we have been in beta as BetterWorld Wireless. Even though our name has changed, our mission to bridge the divide and connect the power of people and mobile for a better world remains. So in that sense, “better world” will always be part of our DNA.

Why the name change from BetterWorld Wireless to Sparrow?

Glad you asked! We created Sparrow as a short and memorable brand that captures the spirit and mission of our company. Sparrows are one of the most common birds in the world. They are everywhere. Our goal is to make the transformative power of mobile just as common as the sparrow. In addition, the Latin word ‘spero’ means hope. So, when you say “Sparrow” you are also spreading hope.

Bridging the Divide One Smartphone at a Time younggirlwithphone

Through Sparrow’s buy-one-give-one model, we are bridging the digital divide and connecting people across the globe. When you switch to Sparrow mobile service, a mobile phone or device is donated to someone in need. Sponsored by You.

Thanks to our amazing beta customers, we are already making an impact! Children in Kenya are learning to read, girls across the U.S. are learning mobile app coding, women small business owners in Asia are receiving entrepreneur mentoring, and homeless individuals in California are getting smartphones and service to help get them back on their feet.

Together, during our beta, we bridged the divide for over 1,200 people. We are just getting started!

Three Ways to Support the Mobile for All Movement

  1. Like Sparrow on Facebook and follow Sparrow on Twitter
  2. Share Sparrow with friends!
  3. Become an Early Bird and sign up for Sparrow mobile service

For Early Bird Status, sign up for Sparrow mobile service by September 30, 2015, and use code MOBILE4ALL at checkout. Early Birds receive complimentary one-time setup and shipping charges, and you’ll always be recognized as a Sparrow Early Bird.

How to Bring Your Apple Device (BYAD) to Sparrow
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