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Points of Light picks Sparrow for digital inclusion accelerator

San Francisco, April 5, 2018 – Sparrow, a US mobile carrier with a social mission, announced that Points of Light, the first national accelerator dedicated to investing in civic ventures, selected Sparrow, along with 12 other social ventures, for their Spring accelerator program “working to advance digital inclusion and 21st-century tech skills for all to succeed in the innovation economy.” (Points of Light, 2018)

Sparrow Annual Impact Report | 2017-18

(San Francisco, CA) Sparrow released its first Sparrow Annual Impact Report | 2017-18, available for download via the company’s new impact section. Current impact areas focus on communities facing digital poverty including women, youth, refugees, and homeless families in both the US and abroad.

Meltdown and Spectre: Run Updates and Stay Patched

Keep your smartphones secure. Meltdown and Spectre affect ARM, AMD and Intel processors, which are inside of virtually every computer, tablet and smartphone. Currently, the best action to take is to run updates and stay patched.

How to Unlock Your Phone

Your contract with Big Mobile is finally up and you’re ready to switch carriers to Sparrow and join the mobile-for-good movement. Switching is easy – here’s how to unlock your smartphone and bring it to Sparrow.

How to Opt-in to Public Safety Alerts with Nixle

Text 888777 and enter your zip code in the message body to receive Public Safety Alerts from Nixle. The service is free from Nixle, but carrier message and data rates may apply. No charges apply for Sparrow customers with Sparrow unlimited plans.

How to Transfer Your Phone Number to Sparrow

Did you know you can switch to Sparrow and keep your current phone number/s? Transferring your phone number to Sparrow is easy—just let us know you’d like to keep your current phone number at checkout, or call customer service, and we’ll guide you through the process.

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) and Switch Carriers to Sparrow

When you switch wireless carriers to Sparrow, you get top quality, friendly care and make a difference, just by using your phone. Most newer smartphones that use SIM chips, like the iPhone, Galaxy, Nexus and Pixel, can be activated on Sparrow. Check if you can bring your device (BYOD) and activate it with Sparrow.

In the News: Smartphones are a Lifeline for Homeless People

Mobile for All featured by The Guardian The Guardian newspaper in the UK recently covered Mobile for All’s homeless program. Here’s what Mobile for All program manager, Allan Baez, had to say: “Smartphones are incomparable tools for connecting people who are isolated, and empowering homeless and extreme-low-income individuals to access life-changing services and gain self-sufficiency,” says Baez. Read the full article...

How to Bring Your Apple Device (BYAD) to Sparrow

Today, people are flocking to and Apple stores to pre-order the new iPhone. And today marks an exciting day for consumer freedom. Thanks to the new Apple No-SIM option, now anyone can purchase an iPhone or iPad directly from Apple, and activate it with the carrier of their choice. BYAD means you can get the iPhone of your dreams, activate with Sparrow and sponsor a device or service for someone in need Instead of picking one of the big 4 carriers, you can choose the “No SIM” option at Apple checkout, and then activate your device with Sparrow. For every new Sparrow customer we connect, a device or service is donated to someone in need. Reusing is great for the environment and for your pocketbook ALSO, Apple’s announcement means there will be volumes of previous iPhone models coming onto the refurbished market. Why do we like this? Because re-using is great for the environment, and consumers will have access to more affordable (and still fabulous) devices. The more refurbished devices that get used, the less e-waste and landfill.   Call Sparrow at 844-846-1653 to make sure the iPhone of your choice is compatible with our network, and to order your Sparrow SIM.    ...

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