Mobile4All: It’s a Launch!

Mobile4All: It’s a Launch!

On October 30th, Mobile4All, an initiative designed to end homelessness in the Bay Area and beyond, launched at Grace Baptist Church in San Jose, California. On that day, 55 Downtown Streets team members—people without housing in the heart of Silicon Valley—received brand new Google Nexus 5 smartphones, training and service via Sparrow.

Community Technology Alliance (CTA) program, in partnership with Downtown Streets (DTS) and Sparrow, the launch represents the culmination of over two years of research and effort. In addition, Google donated over 1000 devices to support the program.

“It’s amazing how something most of us take for granted—a smartphone with reliable service, regular access to voicemail, and a number you can keep—can make a big difference in someone’s life. Mobile4All is the only plan in the country designed to help homeless citizens get back on their feet.”

~ Jen Padgett, CEO, Community Technology Alliance

Mobile4All combines digital access and skills training as a way to connect homeless citizens with health, family, housing and pathways to self sufficiency. Participants work, volunteer, and share progress updates to benchmark and measure how owning their own smartphone, having a number they can keep, access to voicemail, and key contact numbers (simple things we all take for granted) impact and improve their life.

We’d like to recognize Sparrow team member, June, for activating and supporting pilot participants without a hitch.

And end with an extra big shout out to CTA, DTS, and especially to Allan Baez, Mobile4All’s visionary, for making this beautiful dream a reality.

We’re honored to support this impactful program through Mobile for All and tailor-made service.

#Together we can end homelessness.

Read the program announcement from CTA >>

Allan Baez Program Manager

Allan Baez, Mobile4All Program Manager


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