Mobile Tip: One-click Conference Calls

Mobile Tip: One-click Conference Calls

Ever had trouble dialing into a conference call due to one of those long and pesky codes?

Make life a little easier for you and your colleagues by using one-click conference call numbers. Next time you organize a conference call, format the phone number without spaces, using two commas to separate the call-in number and PIN code, and with a pound sign at the end.

Example: 8001234567,,55555# or 800-123-4567,,55555#

  1. Dashes or no dashes both work
  2. Put two commas between the bridge and the PIN
  3. Include # after your PIN

Mobile users will be able to hop on the call with one click, your calls will be more likely to start on time, and you’ll earn kudos for being such a gracious call host.

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