Announcing the Sparrow Mobile Program for Nonprofits and Libraries

Announcing the Sparrow Mobile Program for Nonprofits and Libraries

Connect Your Team and Scale Your Nonprofit Impact

Sparrow partnered with TechSoup to provide smartphone donations and service plan discounts to verified nonprofits and libraries, and those who directly support them, including employees, volunteers and donors. It’s one small way of saying thank you for all the good you do.

Sparrow Mobile for Nonprofits Program Benefits

  • 10% off any products in the Sparrow catalog + access to donated smartphones & SIMs
  • 5% off Sparrow monthly service plans or sign up for the Just Plan, available only to nonprofit organizations
  • Social benefit: For every customer, Sparrow donates a smartphone or service plan to someone in digital poverty

How to Access the Sparrow Mobile for Nonprofits Program

  1. Purchase any Sparrow offer on TechSoup
  2. Save the TechSoup Order Reference Number provided in the TechSoup order confirmation email
  3. Place an order with Sparrow by calling (844) 697-7277 Ext. 2 or via the Nonprofit Program Order form

You will be asked to provide your organization name and the TechSoup Order Reference number to verify your nonprofit status. 

Share the Love: A Benefit for Your Entire Organization

When your nonprofit or library orders Sparrow on TechSoup, anyone who contributes directly to your organization—including employees, volunteers and donors—can also take advantage of Sparrow discounts and donations for nonprofits by requesting access here.

Share your organization name and the TechSoup Order Reference number with your organization’s employees, volunteers and donors. When placing an order with Sparrow, to qualify for the nonprofit discount, they will be asked to provide this information.  

About TechSoup

TechSoup, a 501c3 nonprofit, is the largest distributor of technology to nonprofits and libraries in the world. Verified nonprofits and libraries can access technology donations and discounts from leading brands like Sparrow, Adobe, Microsoft and others, by ordering through the TechSoup online catalog.

Need a TechSoup Order Reference #?

Request a TechSoup Order Reference # from your organization’s IT purchaser / TechSoup admin.

Your TechSoup Admin can get one by purchasing any Sparrow offer on TechSoup here:

After ordering Sparrow through TechSoup, the Order Reference # is included in the TechSoup confirmation email.

Not a TechSoup Member?

Join TechSoup for free to get access to technology discounts and donations from Sparrow and other leading brands.



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