International Calling & Roaming

International Calling

Affordable calls to your colleagues, friends and family all over the world.
There’s no reason for not keeping in touch with international calls to over 550 destinations. We charge no monthly fees—just a straight forward per minute call cost. Check out rates by searching for the country you wish to connect to.

International Travel

Want to use your phone abroad?
If you have a SIM-based smartphone, you can most likely take it with you and purchase a pre-paid or pay-as-you-go SIM card from a local carrier. For most major international destinations, you will be able to purchase a local SIM, or travel phone, at the airport. Connecting to local Wifi is also often a good option. Call Sparrow and we will be happy to provide guidance before you travel.

Domestic Roaming

From coast to coast, our networks cover over 200,000 subscribers.

Sparrow delivers nationwide calling, texting and data services on the nation’s fastest and largest networks. While we do not offer domestic roaming as a feature, we do not limit customers to “local roaming areas.” Unless you are traveling to very remote locations, one of our networks most likely covers you. When you sign up for service, we will check your coverage needs to match you with the best network.

Sparrow 4G coverage via the nation's top networks

Sparrow 4G coverage via the nation’s top networks