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Sparrow SIM (BYOD)

Reusing is great! You have several options for bringing your own device to Sparrow, you can bring your inactive compatible device to Sparrow or bring an unlocked smart phone. You can also buy service-ready Sparrow-compatible devices from the manufacturer and elsewhere. An IMEI (or MEID) number is a 15 digit number that is used to identify your device or phone. Call (844) 697-7277 to find out if your current device is eligible.

what's in the box?

what's in the box?

  • Sparrow SIM Card
  • SIM Tool
  • How to Install Instructions

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Sparrow SIM (BYOD)

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) to Sparrow

Because Sparrow offers multiple networks, when you submit your BYOD order, we will check to see what network provides the best coverage and if your device is compatible with that network.

If you’d like help finding the perfect BYOD device for you (refubished or new from the manufacturer or other store) our concierge service is happy to assist.

If you already have a device, when submitting your order, you will need to provide the IMEI:

  1. On your phone: Your IMEI can be found on the box your phone came in or on the back of the phone itself. In most cases, it can be found behind the battery on a white label.
  2. On your device’s screen: Most devices will display your IMEI on screen if you type *#06# from the device home screen.
  3. In your device settings, go to “General”

Questions? Call (844) 697-7277