BYOD: What, Why, and How

BYOD: What, Why, and How

BYOD = Bring Your Own DeviceThe greenest phone is the one that never gets made

In 2014, Congress passed the Unlocking Consumer Choice and Wireless Competition Act, allowing Americans to purchase unlocked phones. This means you can purchase an unlocked mobile device, from any legitimate source, and as long as it is an inactive Sprint-compatible phone, you can activate the device with Sparrow.

We keep a database of eligible devices, so give us a call or email wecare(at) for the latest list.

Good for Consumers, Great for the Environment

We love BYOD because it’s good for consumers—you are no longer limited to just the devices in a single carrier’s catalog, and have greater device selection and more competitive prices—and it’s great for the environment. According to e-Cycle, the average person upgrades their cell phone every 18 months, amounting to 130 million devices being discarded each year in the U.S. alone. As BetterWorld cofounder, Amy Tucker, says, “the greenest phone is the one that never gets made.”

For our gadget-focused friends, if you don’t see the mobile device in our catalog that you’ve had your heart set on, odds are, you can purchase that particular device (the one you’ve been eyeing), and activate it with Sparrow.

How to BYOD and Activate with BetterWorld

1) If you already have an inactive device, give us a call at 844-846-1653 and check to confirm that your device is eligible.

2) If you need a device, purchase an unlocked Sprint-compatible device from a reputable dealer, retailer, or manufacturer, then see Step 1. Email wecare(at) for the latest eligible device list.

Any reputable dealer who is selling refurbished phones will be able to provide details on the refurbishment, what’s included with the phone, and, if available, prior ownership. A number of BetterWorld community members bought refurbished iPhones through with good results. and are also reputable sources.

3) Activate your refurbished (pre-loved) device with BetterWorld by giving us a call at 844-846-1653.

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